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Hire a developer?

Do you urgently need development capacity but are struggling to hire a developer? You are not alone! The job market is currently extremely competitive, and hiring a developer requires significant investments. Ultimately, it might be worthwhile to hire a remote software developer. At SharpMinds, we find remote developers who are qualified and seamlessly integrate them into your existing development team. In addition, we take care of your recruitment and HR needs, allowing you to focus on the content and daily management. That’s what the SharpMinds formula is all about.

Need a developer? Choose SharpMinds!

A solution where remote developers really become part of your company
Nearshore within the European time zone
Strong recruitment and HR policy so that developers continue to work for clients for a long time
Easily scale up your development team
No cure, no pay: you only pay when a developer starts working

Hire a developer through SharpMinds

Is this your first time hearing about SharpMinds? Let us tell you more! For 18 years, we have been helping organizations in need of developers and development capacity. Specifically, we do this tailored to your needs. Based on the required soft and hard skills for your project, we find the best remote developers. As soon as there’s a match, you can hire a developer.

In addition to recruiting developers with the right skills, we also handle all your HR needs. Our HR policies aim to keep developers satisfied, motivated, and happy. Consequently, this ensures they often stay with our clients for a long time, sometimes up to ten years.

Operating from one of our offices in Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, or Ukraine we maintain a maximum time difference of 1 hour. This approach ensures swift communication and facilitates efficient software development. Additionally, it enables us to seamlessly integrate developers into your company culture.

Would you like to hire a developer through SharpMinds? Feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to tell you everything you need to know.

What type of developer are you looking for?

A developer, also known as a programmer, works in the information technology (IT) sector and focuses on programming software. They develop or maintain software programs, websites, apps, or applications. Therefore, developers are essential for the proper functioning of these systems. Moreover, the term encompasses a wide range of technologies and skills, leading to many different types of developers, such as front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers, mobile developers, and Cloud engineers/DevOps.

With SharpMinds, you don’t need to worry about finding the right developer. We find remote developers and testers for various technologies and programming languages. Whether you need a junior, mid-level, or seasoned expert, we find the perfect match for your project.

With our many years of experience in setting up remote development teams, we know exactly how to find and retain the right people. In addition, our developers receive English lessons every week to ensure smooth communication without misunderstandings.

Ruby on Rails

Why choose nearshore outsourcing to hire a developer?

There are several strategies to attract developers, such as increasing the recruitment budget and hiring an IT recruiter. However, if you seek a developer with specific skills that align with your company culture, the local supply may be limited. Another option is to cultivate talent internally through training programs, but this demands significant investments in time, capital, and guidance. So, what if you need immediate access to development capacity without making such investments?

Nearshore outsourcing presents a viable solution. It entails delegating business activities to nearby countries. At SharpMinds, this translates to hiring developers from our European time zone locations. With nearshore outsourcing, you benefit from a cost-effective solution while ensuring access to high-quality developers. Furthermore, the proximity and streamlined communication channels foster efficient work processes and rapid response times. Additionally, shared cultural backgrounds enhance team understanding, thereby boosting productivity and dynamics. SharpMinds empowers you to construct a team that you directly manage, retaining complete control.

Wondering how we can help you hire a developer?

Discover our offices

Our methode

At SharpMinds, we prioritize fostering enduring partnerships between your organization and our remote developers. While you oversee your remote development team, we take care of all HR-related matters comprehensively. Our primary goal is to ensure the satisfaction and happiness of our developers. By offering them a stimulating and supportive work environment, we not only encourage longer retention but also enhance performance. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that we take pride in facilitating. If you’re interested in hiring a developer through SharpMinds, read on for details about our approach.

Team profile
Recruitment & intake


The first introduction is aimed at discovering whether our remote development solution suits your problem, but also fits your organization. We look at where you are now in terms of development, where you want to go and what requirements are set.

Team profile

If the use of remote developers proves to be the solution to your problem, a technical meeting will be scheduled. In this meeting, your current development team is discussed and it is examined with which profiles it should be supplemented. What hard and soft skills should your remote software developers have? We can only recruit properly with this information.

Recruitment & intake

We look for suitable candidates based on the team profile and the vacancy. They are first invited for an intake to check whether their English language skills are sufficient, whether they have the right soft skills and whether they fit within your corporate culture. In the second interview, they have a technical meeting with one of our specialists to see if their hard skills also match your wishes. If there is a match in our opinion, the candidates will be presented to you.


After the candidates have been screened by our recruiters, they will be introduced to you. Based on the profiles, you can decide for yourself who you invite for an interview. After this, the candidate can go through your own regular application procedure.


The candidate follows your own onboarding procedure. However, with our experience we like to think along and offer a helping hand if necessary.

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