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Welcome to SharpMinds Ukraine. The place were we started 18 years ago in the heart of the beautiful and picturesque towns of Chernivtsi located in the western part of Ukraine. Join us on a drive to the office, enjoy breathtaking views of the old town, the romantic blooming sakura in spring and the National University of Chernivtsi, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011.

Why nearshore to Ukraine?

Chernivtsi is where it all began 18 years ago. It is the perfect nearshore location in western Ukraine with several universities that provide well-regarded computer science and engineering programs. Which ensures a steady supply of skilled graduated developers. Ukraine has long been recognized for its highly educated workforce and strong focus on innovation. Ukrainian developers are known for their innovative approach, willingness to adopt new technologies, and proficiency in English.

The country boasts a large pool of talented software engineers with strong technical backgrounds and experience in various technologies. The government actively fosters the IT sector through benefits for tech companies and initiatives aimed at improving the business climate. Our deep involvement in the Chernivtsi tech community has given us a broad network of developers and contributed to the city’s thriving tech ecosystem.

Ukraine shares cultural similarities with many Western countries, facilitating rapport and effective communication with clients. This has led to numerous successfully delivered projects worldwide, earning a reputation for reliability, quality, cost-effectiveness, and innovation.

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We put the people first in everything we do

Working with the Dutch businesses for over 18 years, we have managed to grow up to 140+ employees, our office in western Ukraine, more than 37 successful B2B projects, professional ICT, HR, and Project Management services, and even more. We have succeeded in building a people-oriented environment where individuals are valued, teams provide the highest level of expertise, and business needs are met.

Get to know our expansive and seasoned IT-community

In our work we focus on people and processes. We believe that the key to a successful IT project is a match between the customer, the development team, and a process they both trust in. To help our talents become an effective team with a common goal, we provide IT consultancy, run educational courses, organize IT events, support and implement development methodologies, facilitate leadership training and self-education.

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