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Nearshore outsourcing

Difficulty finding suitable developers within the Netherlands? Nearshore Outsourcing is the solution! At Nearshoring Outsourcing you outsource business activities to relatively nearby countries. At SharpMinds we have locations in Portugal, Bosnia Herzegovina and Ukraine. By setting up a Remote Development team in one of these locations you can expand your capacity, you increase your search area, and you get access to more qualified developers. 

What is Nearshoring?

We speak of Nearshoring Outsourcing when business activities are outsourced to relatively nearby countries. At SharpMinds this means that you build your own team in Portugal, Bosnia Herzegovina or Ukraine. The advantage is that Nearshoring developers often work in the same or a similar time zone, which makes communication easy. It feels like your developers are always close by and you develop a pleasant work rhythm faster 

Why choose Nearshoring Outsourcing?

Small time difference
Easy to scale up or off
Larger availability of IT people
Skilled and driven employees

Nearshoring outsourcing in every technology or software language

At SharpMinds you don’t have to make concessions when it comes to Nearshoring Outsourcing. We find remote developers for all leading technologies and development languages. Whether it is a junior, medior or senior profile, we find the right developers for your specific assignment.

Ruby on Rails

What are some advantages of Nearshoring via SharpMinds?

1. Access to talent from various countries

By expanding your search area you are not limited to only the Netherlands for developers. By nearshoring through SharpMinds you also get access to developers in Portugal, Bosnia Herzegovina and Ukraine. With a larger offer there is also a greater chance that you will find the suitable developer.

2. Innovate faster

By expanding the development team you can not only deliver products faster, it also enables you to innovate faster. Prepare your development team and gain access to the most recent technology. This way you are more flexible in the market and able to stay ahead of your competition.

3. Dedicated colleagues at a distance

With you managing the Nearshore developers from SharpMinds yourself, they will really become part of your team and organization. This reduces the chance of noise or miscommunication.

4. Full HR unburdening

By choosing Nearshoring via SharpMinds you get full unburdening in the field of HR. This means that we ensure the full recruitment process, screening of developers, interim evaluations and the happiness of the developers. For example we regularly organized fun activities and make sure developers end up in a warm and lively community with good secondary employment conditions. We also offer support in English with English classes and good workplaces are available.

Wondering how we can help you hire developers?

Our method

At SharpMinds we always strive for a long-term collaboration. By offering developers a nice and challenging workplace, they will not only continue to work for a company, but also perform better. A win-win that we like to see. Below you can read our successful working method: 

Team profile
Recruitment & intake


The first meeting is aimed at discovering whether our solution fits your problem, but also fits your organization. We look at where you are now in terms of development, where you want to go and what requirements are set.

Team profile

If the use of remote developers proves to be the solution to your problem, a technical meeting will be scheduled. In this meeting, your current development team is discussed and it is examined with which profiles it should be supplemented.

Recruitment & intake

We look for suitable candidates based on the team profile and the vacancy. They are first invited for an intake to check whether their English language skills are sufficient, whether they have the right soft and hard skills and whether they fit within your corporate culture. If there is a match in our opinion, the candidates will be presented to you.


After the candidates have been screened by our recruiters, they will be introduced to you. Based on the profiles, you can decide for yourself who you invite for an interview. After this, the candidate can go through your own regular application procedure.


The candidate follows your own onboarding procedure. However, with our experience we like to think along and offer a helping hand if necessary.

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