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What is nearshoring?
Why nearshoring?
What is the difference between nearshoring and offshoring?
Is nearshore outsourcing suitable for your organization?
What are the benefits of nearshoring?
From which locations does SharpMinds operate?

IT outsourcing

What is IT outsourcing?
Why do companies choose IT outsourcing?
How much time difference is there in nearshore outsourcing?
Where does my remote developer work when I use nearshore outsourcing through SharpMinds?

Hire a remote developer

What kind of developers can I hire through SharpMinds?
How do you ensure the quality of a developer?
How fast can you deliver a developer? 
How much does a developer cost?
How does a developer work?
I normally work with Dutch freelancers, what are the benefits of remote workers?

Way of working

How does SharpMinds screen remote developers during the recruitment process?
Who directs the developer? 
Am I tied to a contract? Or can I cancel early? 
What is the working language? 
Do evaluations take place and how is this done? 
Does SharpMinds offer no cure no pay?


I have less good experiences with foreign parties; why should I trust SharpMinds?
Doesn’t hiring a developer through SharpMinds create a lot of extra paperwork?
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