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Welcome! Our culturally rich and diverse capital, Sarajevo, is home to our SharpMinds team in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With our open mindset and strong tech community, we are happy to help you find the right developers for your project.

Why nearshore to Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially Sarajevo, have become top destinations for nearshoring, with a highly educated and cost-effective talent pool of developers. Over the past decade, Sarajevo’s tech sector has grown tremendously, with a significant increase in tech companies and developers. This growth has transformed Sarajevo into a vibrant tech hub that attracts talent from across the country. The rise of co-working spaces and numerous companies establishing their own workspaces are clear evidence of this demand.

Sarajevo’s IT sector is rapidly expanding, creating an inviting environment for businesses looking to improve their operations through software and business development. The city’s strategic location, coupled with its dynamic and growing tech community, makes Sarajevo an ideal choice for companies looking to leverage nearshoring for technological and business advancements. Additionally, it is an attractive option for businesses seeking high-quality tech solutions due to its skilled developers.

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The city of converging cultures

Sarajevo is a city where Eastern and Western cultures converge and form a symbiosis in the most welcoming manner. With a rich history and diverse heritage, the Eastern ethnicity brings a philosophy of a colorful and mindful way of living, while Western culture adds a functional and artful way of being. Forever at a crossroads between cultures, Sarajevo is a warm and welcoming city, whether a stranger is inviting you for a cup of coffee in one of their narrow streets in the old town, or a tour guide proudly explaining a local custom, it will always feel like home from the most vivid daydream.

Make yourself at home: Bujrum!

We at the SharpMinds BA in the Sarajevo office established the same welcoming culture. The team we are building is a diverse organism that promotes work and personal ethics in the most respectful way. Honoring such a culture is an advantage on the path to finding a pinnacle in the working environment.
In Sarajevo, when we welcome someone we shout bujrum! Remember this next time you come around because you have the most sincere bujrum from the SharpMinds BA team.

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