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Welcome to SharpMinds. On this page, we take you into the world of back-end development. Are you looking for top-notch back-end developers? Then you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in finding skilled and experienced developers to bring your projects to life. Curious about the world of back-end development and how we find developers that fit your back-end needs perfectly?

Looking for a back-end developer? Choose SharpMinds!

Real integration of remote developers in your company
Collaboration within the European time zone
A robust recruitment and HR policy resulting in long-term collaborations with back-end developers
Easily scale your development capacity
No cure, no pay: pay only when the developer starts working

SharpMinds finds your back-end developers

Are you new to SharpMinds? Let us tell you how we work. If your team urgently needs talented back-end developers, we have the solution. We match leading remote software developers with your current development team. Our developers work within a maximum one-hour time zone difference, allowing you to continue your software development seamlessly.

Your needs, your vision. You retain complete control over your remote development team, directing them on content daily. We recruit the best back-end developers with the exact skills you need and handle all HR-related matters to ensure developer satisfaction and loyalty.

So, if you’d like to hire a back-end developer through SharpMinds, contact us quickly. We’re happy to provide all the information you need. 

Looking for a developer for your back-end technology?

Now that you know how SharpMinds works, it’s good to dive deeper into how we find your perfect back-end developer. Back-end development is essential for building web applications and software applications. Finding the right developer for your project is crucial because they’re responsible for designing, developing, and implementing functionalities, databases, server configurations and other technical aspects. It requires developers to have in-depth knowledge of programming languages, frameworks, architecture and security.


The libraries and frameworks a developer will encounter depend on the programming language underlying your web or software application. Some popular back-end programming languages with frameworks include C#, PHP, C++, GO, Ruby, Python, Java and .NET.

Every language has its advantages and disadvantages. Python, for example, is known for its simplicity and versatility. It is a language that can handle everything from web development to data science. We find Python developers with extensive experience building web applications, API’s and automation scripts using frameworks like Django and Flask.


Despite Python being more concise and readable, C# is also a popular choice. C# works faster and is better organized. The right C# developer can use this versatile and powerful language to create robust and scalable applications for the Microsoft ecosystem. If you don’t want to be tied to Microsoft, it may be more interesting to look into C++ development. Since this code is directly compiled into machine language, it works even faster. Additionally, it is a multi-paradigm language, allowing for the use of multiple complementary programming techniques and concepts.


Another multi-paradigm language is Java. One of the significant advantages of Java is the “write once, run anywhere” (WORA) principle. We find Java developers who ensure your application functions well on different operating systems and platforms through WORA. This way, code only needs to be created once in a standard bytecode, allowing developers to work more efficiently.


Java is a stable language, but coding requires stricter guidelines and more code to perform tasks. If you want to work more flexibly, Ruby is a good option. It is faster because less code needs to be written, and the code is easier to read. With Ruby developers’ flexibility, they can easily make adjustments, making this language particularly suitable for creating web applications.

The youngest language in this list is Go or Golang. Like Ruby, it is highly suitable for simpler, data-processing, and faster applications. We find Go developers who leverage the simplicity and speed of Go to build scalable web services, microservices, and cloud-based applications. With their expertise in Go’s standard libraries and frameworks like Gin and Echo, they ensure optimal performance and maintainable code.

Do you see SharpMinds as your choice?

By choosing SharpMinds for your backend development needs, you can expect the following with certainty:

  • Expert and experienced developers skilled in languages such as C#, PHP, C++, Go, Ruby, Python, Java, and databases and environments like NodeJS and MySQL.
  • A dedicated project manager.
  • A scalable solution tailored to your specific needs.

Hire a back-end developer? Let SharpMinds help you!

Our approach

At SharpMinds, we are committed to building sustainable relationships. By providing our backend developers with a stimulating and pleasant work environment, they stay longer and deliver better performance. Creating a win-win situation where everyone benefits. We achieve this by working with project managers who act as your remote eyes and ears. They not only monitor the satisfaction of our developers but also ensure your satisfaction as a client. They make necessary adjustments, and with almost 20 years of experience, we can always provide support and advice when needed.