Ruby developers

At SharpMinds, we understand the importance of having experienced developers who can fully leverage the potential of Ruby. We find talented Ruby developers who embrace the simplicity and efficiency of the language to deliver excellent performance and maintainable code. With a focus on innovation, we find developers who can help you achieve your goals.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Ruby and take your projects to new heights? Join forces with SharpMinds and discover how we seamlessly integrate nearshore Ruby developers into your current projects and development team. Curious about the expertise we can add to your project?

Why nearshore your Ruby developers?

Your Ruby developer can start quickly
Easy communication with your Ruby developer due to minimal time difference
Developers who genuinely become part of your company and team
Easy to scale up or down
The software is your property

How SharpMinds finds the perfect Ruby developer for you?

Within the network of SharpMinds, there are Ruby developers who enable you to develop the optimal software solution. By choosing nearshore outsourcing, we go beyond national borders, expanding our search areas to countries like Portugal, Bosnia Herzegovina and Ukraine. This broader search radius increases the chances of a successful match.

At SharpMinds, we value long-term partnerships. The closer a developer aligns with your company and project, the greater the likelihood they will remain involved for a long time. That’s why in we consider soft and hard skills in our search for suitable candidates and assess how well they fit within your company culture.

Even after a developer starts working, we remain closely involved. With the help of our HR support project managers, we ensure that developers are retained. Some of our developers have been with us for more than 10 years. Do you want to know more about our exact approach? Feel free to contact us.Β 

Why hire Ruby developers through SharpMinds?

Nearly two decades of experience

With almost twenty years of experience, we have built significant expertise in forming dedicated remote development teams. Our in-depth knowledge enables us to attract the right Ruby developers and provide full HR support. Thanks to our streamlined HR and recruitment process, you save valuable time you would otherwise spend on HR tasks. Furthermore, we reduce the risk of mismatches and turnover.

Access to a broader talent pool

By leveraging nearshore outsourcing, you gain access to a more extensive pool of talent that extends beyond the boundaries of the Netherlands. Yet, your developers work in locations with at most a one-hour time difference. This allows you to communicate with your developers throughout the day easily. By working with dedicated teams in nearby locations, developers can truly become a part of your company and development team. Enabling them to grow and make an optimal contribution.

Familiar with the Dutch tech market

Our focus is exclusively on nearshore services, tailored to Dutch tech companies. We deeply understand the Dutch work culture and pre-screen Ruby developers to ensure they seamlessly fit into the company culture.

Peace of mind

At SharpMinds, we work with project managers. They serve as your point of contact and schedule regular evaluations. You can consider project managers as your remote observers. They monitor both the satisfaction of the developers and your satisfaction as a customer. They support the developers with English lessons, a comfortable workspace, excellent benefits, and organize enjoyable outings, among other things.

Hire a Ruby developer? Let SharpMinds help you!

Our approach

At SharpMinds, we always strive for long-term collaborations. By providing Ruby developers with a stimulating and challenging environment, they stay with a company longer and perform better. This is the win-win situation we cherish. Below, you’ll find our successful step-by-step plan:

Team Profile
Recruitment and Intake


In our initial contact, we thoroughly assess whether our solution aligns with your specific challenges and organization. We consider your current development stage, future plans, and associated requirements.

Team Profile

If engaging external Ruby developers seems suitable, we conduct a technical discussion. During this, we evaluate the existing development team and determine the profiles needed for supplementation.

Recruitment and Intake

We search for suitable candidates based on the team profile and job description. We present qualified candidates after an intake interview in which we assess their soft and hard skills. We also pay attention to the fit with your company culture.


After the proposal round, candidates can go through the regular application process, with the final hiring decision resting with you.


Once the right candidate is chosen, they undergo the standard onboarding process. If necessary, we provide advice and support.