Java developers

Java is one of the most used programming languages in the world. It is mainly known for its robust security model, making it a common choice for mission-critical applications such as online payment systems and medical applications. Java is a scalable programming language that enables the development of complex, extensive software applications that can adapt to your company’s growth. However, you need the right Java Developers to scale your software effectively. With our expertise in Java development, we can provide your organization with the right developers. We achieve this by identifying talent abroad that seamlessly integrates into your team and projects. Curious about the benefits of this nearshore outsourcing model?

Why Nearshore your Java developers

Quick access to developers with up-to-date Java knowledge
Matching time zones for real-time communication and rapid issue resolution
Dedicated developers you can manage directly
Diversification of your development team
Ownership of the software

Discover the Perfect Match in Java Development

Finding the right Java developers can be challenging, but don’t worry! We are ready to assist your organization in finding the Java developer you need. Whether you’re looking for a junior, medior, or senior Java developer, tester, or designer – we can find the perfect match!

For us, it’s all about the synergy between your development team and the new Java developer(s). We pay attention to technical skills and soft skills to ensure that the developer seamlessly fits into your company culture.

Don’t wait any longer; explore the world of Java development with us today. Together, we’ll ensure you have the best developers on board to make your organization shine!

Why Choose SharpMinds

Access to a larger talent pool

The Dutch labor market is saturated. We offer the opportunity to recruit from Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ukraine. This way we increase your search area and the likelihood of finding a suitable Java developer. You’ll gain access to all the talent you need to elevate your projects to the next level! Not only in Java development but also JavaScript developers, DevOps engineers, testers, and much more.

18 Years of Experience

With years of experience, we have built significant expertise in establishing remote dedicated development teams. We know what to look for during recruitment and can fully support your organization in HR matters. Through our HR and recruitment process, we ensure you spend less time on HR tasks and reduce the risk of a poor match and revenue loss.

We Know the Dutch Tech Market

We focus exclusively on nearshore and specifically on Dutch tech companies. We understand the Dutch work culture like no other and pre-screen Java developers to see if they fit a company’s culture. Additionally, we always work with dedicated developers, allowing them to truly become part of your company.

HR Support and Additional Benefits

With a partnership with SharpMinds, you’ll have Project Managers on-site. They function as an extra set of eyes and ears on location. We don’t just recruit and screen; we also provide interim evaluations and ensure the happiness of developers and you as a customer. How do we ensure this happiness? By providing support such as English lessons, comfortable workplaces, fun outings, and excellent secondary benefits.


In summary, choose SharpMinds to find the right Java developer for your organization.

In need of a Java developer? Let SharpMinds help!

Our method

At SharpMinds, long-term partnerships are central. We understand that creating a pleasant and challenging work environment for our talented Java developers results in higher retention and better performance. A win-win situation that we strive for. Below you will find an overview of our successful approach:

Team profile
Recruitment & intake


During our first contact, we emphasize the thorough investigation of the suitability of our solution for your specific issue and organization. We consider your current stage of development, future plans and associated requirements.

Team profile

We will organize a technical meeting if using external Java developers is the right solution for your specific issue. During this meeting, we discuss the current development team and assess which profiles are needed to complete the team.

Recruitment & intake

We look for suitable candidates based on the team profile and the vacancy. The candidates are invited for an intake interview, in which we assess whether they have the necessary soft skills and hard skills. In terms of soft skills, for example, we check whether the candidates fit within your organization's corporate culture. If we see a suitable match, we will introduce the candidates to you.


After the screening, we will introduce our compatible candidates to you. Hiring the Java developers is up to you - you can let the candidates go through the normal application process.


Once the right candidate has been hired, they will follow the normal onboarding process. We can, of course, offer an advisory role if necessary.