Android developers

Are you also struggling to find the right Android developer for your team? If your company specializes in mobile app development, you undoubtedly understand the importance of experienced Android developers. These experts are crucial for translating your vision into functional and user-friendly Android apps. In addition to implementing new features and resolving bugs, they are capable of enhancing the overall performance of your app. However, finding the right Android developer for your project can be challenging.  SharpMinds can assist you in hiring the perfect match. Are you curious about how we can help you hiring the right Android developer?

Why choose the SharpMinds approach?

Access to certified Android developers with up-to-date knowledge
Flexible scaling up and down
Collaborating within the European time zone for easy communication and issue resolution
No cure, no pay support in HR and recruitment
The software is yours

Looking for Android development? We have the solution!

If you need a suitable developer in the short term, look no further. At SharpMinds, we believe talent knows no borders. With nearshore outsourcing, we find the right Android developer for your project. With offices in Portugal, Ukraine, and Bosnia Herzegovina, we can not only quickly expand your capacity but also ensure short communication lines. With a maximum time difference of one hour, direct communication and issue resolution are possible. Moreover, we only work with dedicated developers. This allows developers to fully focus on your project and become an integral part of your team. You directly manage the developers. We provide on-site HR support to ensure satisfaction for both you and the developers.

What sets us apart?

Two decades of experience

SharpMinds originated from a SAAS organization developing complex payroll software. What started as a solution to our own needs has grown into an independent company with over 150 developers. Thanks to our two decades of experience, we have built expertise in setting up remote development teams. Whether you are looking for Android developers, UX/UI designers, back-end developers, cloud engineers, or testers, we support you with versatile teams and understand any potential pitfalls. This is why we focus exclusively on nearshore outsourcing and Dutch tech companies. We know the Dutch work culture like no other and pre-screen all our Android developers to see if they fit your company culture. Our entire HR and recruitment process is designed to save you time and minimize the risk of mismatches.

Custom solutions

We have no one sitting on the bench. We specifically look for candidates for the profile you need. In an initial meeting, we thoroughly analyze whether our solution is suitable for your organization and the specific challenges you face. We review the current development phase and future plans. If it turns out that using external Android developers is the right solution, we plan a technical meeting. Here we thoroughly discuss your existing development team and the necessary profiles to complement the team.

In control

Once our recruiters find suitable candidates, they pre-screen them. They look at both the technical hard skills and the soft skills important to you before presenting a selection of candidates. The decision to hire an Android developer ultimately lies with you. We do all this on a no-cure, no-pay basis. So you only pay once a candidate is hired and starts working.

Full support

Our services go beyond just recruiting and selecting your new Android developer. We strive for seamless integration of external developers into your company. By working closely with your project managers, HR teams, and existing development team, we can tailor development to your vision, brand identity, and goals.
          Long-term collaborations are central to our approach. This way, developers can truly be part of your internal team and their knowledge can be retained. We achieve this through effective communication and an on-site project manager. The project manager acts as your external point of contact during the collaboration. They ensure smooth cooperation and satisfaction by providing support in the form of English lessons, organizing interim evaluations, creating good workplaces, fun extra outings, onboarding guidance, and offering attractive secondary employment conditions.

Hiring an Android developer? Let SharpMinds help you!