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Why is a technical interview an essential step in IT recruitment?

What if you take away one element from a successful formula? The answer is pretty simple – it won’t work anymore. If you look into recruitment stages, you can pick up on a formula where every element is vital, and where A + B + C + D equals a successful talent acquisition for your remote development team. While all of them are integral parts of a success formula, let’s elaborate on why a technical interview is so important and why a client delegating this task to a SharpMinds recruitment team makes the right decision.

Let a pro do the job

CV alone cannot prove people’s competence and skills. Moreover, a recruiter faces different scenarios while looking through a CV. Some people can overestimate themselves and some – on contrary might underestimate, let alone some of them can just have a horribly written CV. That is why our recruitment team has developed a set of assessment criteria to evaluate remote developers’ both theoretical and technical skills. This system has proved to be successful and is carefully checked, edited, and improved by our technical experts. Also, it allows the interviewers to test remote developers’ general technical knowledge and skills, let alone the ones needed for the project they are applying for. Such a comprehensive approach enables our recruiters to see a bigger picture of a possible employee and check whether the skills and experience a remote developer outlined in their CV correspond with reality and whether they are well-suited for the company’s values and the project. 

Technical interview at SharpMinds is always done by top-notch experts. We choose a challenge that will be relevant to the role and the closest to the real project situation. That helps to avoid possible pitfalls in the future and have a better overall experience.

We understand that even though coding is essential and should never be skipped, even if you are pressed for time, a technical interview is where soft skills also come into play. An interviewer encourages a remote developer to explain the code, which eliminates misunderstanding and shows how they communicate the tasks. 

Save your money and time, assemble the best possible remote development team

According to the Undercover recruiter, the average cost of a bad hire is 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings, which means that investment in a good recruitment team will definitely be a win-win for you.

Also, it takes some time and effort for a recruiter to create a vacancy, promote it, read through the CVs, conduct interviews, run tests etc. And in the end, you receive the best possible match and the most valuable resource in the world – time. 

Reduce the chance of the productivity decrease

Bad hire can reduce productivity by 36%, while hiring a replacement can end up in 40% lost time, recruiting and training the new person.

Eliminate the possibility of employee turnover

Turnover is natural for organizations, but at the same time, every company is aiming at a low level of it. That is why a well-chosen remote developer will definitely decrease the chances of them quitting the job or being fired. 

Make connections

Our experts always provide profound feedback after the interview, so it’s a win-win, even if the remote developer is not eligible based on the outcomes of the interview. The remote developer will receive personal recommendations and know their strong and weak points they need to work on. So, who knows, maybe they will become your perfect match if they upgrade some of their skills. 

All things considered, a well-conducted technical interview and therefore a well-chosen remote developer will eliminate a lot of unexpected pitfalls, save your time and money, and will keep your company ahead of competition.