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How to Predict a ‘perfect match’ between the potential developer and the customer?

Have you ever used dating apps? Then, you probably know how they work. You look through different profiles, their photos and their description. If someone is appealing to your tastes, you swipe right. However, only if the person who received a like from you, likes you back, then there might be a perfect match. The same rule can be applied to finding the ‘perfect match’ between the potential developer and the customer. Dating apps can simplify your private life, but it is the recruitment team who can do the same for your business.

The power of knowledge

Nowadays everyone can have access to the same pool of potential developers, but with the help of a recruiter’s extensive knowledge base, you can have the best of both worlds.

Perks for you:

  • Clear understanding of your needs, values and devoted work to meet them.
  • The best potential developer from the market in terms of skills and experience required for the position without wasting your most valuable resource – time.
  • Increase of your development capacity by hiring a dedicated remote team without recruitment fuss.
  • Perfect match for the team since we’re mostly working with ‘The Dedicated teams’ approach. It’s vital that the developer is a complimenting contribution to the team that results in higher productivity.

Perks for the potential developer:

  • Profound analysis of the professional background and needs.
  • Technical interview with our leading experts.
  • Comprehensive feedback on the performance during the interview with further recommendations.

You are looking for a skill set on a budget, and the potential developer is looking for a job that can provide them with a chance to grow professionally. Knowing this information from both parties and the current situation in the market makes the process of matchmaking fairly comprehensive and provides more chances for success. 

It's all about building relationship

Honesty is the core principle for a successful relationship. It is vital to give feedback, point out the mistakes and talk about unexpected pitfalls. Being reticent about things like that may cause even more harm than a problem you were trying to hide.

While building a relationship, it is also important to understand that every new person is unique, so it is recommended that you refrain from projecting your previous experiences and look at this person from a completely new perspective. The given strategy enables your recruitment team to understand exactly your needs and predict your reactions. The prior experience is valuable indeed and might come in handy during the preparation stages when you or the recruitment team make predictions. However, these predictions should be proved, based on the interlocutor’s words, reactions and behavior. Active listening is a difficult skill to train, but it is highly beneficial when it comes down to building a relationship.

On top of that, if you have a solid relationship with a recruitment team, your collaboration with them is on an intuitive level. You can compare it with good friends who can finish each other’s sentences. That is why such recruiters can predict a match even before the interview, knowing your needs and values like the back of their palm. The Head of SharpMinds Recruitment team agrees on that as well: ‘Personally, I think that the perfect match is possible when a client and a potential developer share common values’ Liudmyla Hoi.


Thorough analysis and deep understanding on multiple levels are crucial while meeting your goals. That is why it is easy to compare finding a perfect match at a job interview with a dating app of the same function. A lot of data has been collected to create such a system that can match people based on their preferences. While looking for a life partner on a dating app, we pay attention to their hobbies, whether they are cat people or dog people, etc. If you want to have a match between you and your potential developer, these small things also matter. Needless to say, they have to have the required technical skills. However, if you don’t see eye to eye on the values of your company or project, or a potential developer doesn’t suit your team, it will never be a successful collaboration. 

Having said that, we should face the truth, even obvious matching might not work out. Nevertheless, so far, we’ve had more than 140 perfect matches that keep showing high performance. So, if you want to hire a dedicated team, our matchmaking fairies are there to help you.