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Shine Bright Like a Diamond Ruby (free Ruby on Rails course)

On January 27th we are starting a Ruby on Rails course in the Chernivtsi office. The speaker Oleksii, who has 13 years of experience in Ruby and RoR, will tell more about the course.

  • Hello Oleksii. Tell us please, how Ruby entered into your life?
  • The story isn’t complicated. I helped my friend in his office and just saw the book about ruby on his table. When I opened it, unexpectedly, everything was crystal clear to me


  • What was the most difficult at the beginning of work with Ruby/RoR?
  • Knowledge of English, I would say, because there was a lack of information about these technologies in Ukrainian/Russian. Furthermore, I started studying Linux and RoR at the same time. At that point, I had some experience in PHP and the setting of game servers.


  • Let’s get to our course. What are the requirements for the applicants?
  • The course is for Junior developers who work with one of the technologies (ROR, PHP, Java, JavaScript, etc.). Basic knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, JS, and SQL is required. Understanding of what a programming language is (variable, data type, cycle, array, object, event) and about client-server architecture will be an advantage for the applicants.


  • Will there be an interview for the applicants?
  • Yes, the applicants should pass an interview to define the level of general technical expertise. The interviews will be held in our office (V. Simovych Str., 21, Chernivtsi).

  • How many sessions are there in the course?
  • There will be 2-hour lectures twice a week, for two months. After every session, you’ll receive a home assignment, including technical tasks. In the first lecture you’ll learn the basics about the programming language Ruby.


  • What technical level will the applicants have after the course?
  • The course is tailored to upgrade Junior knowledge and skills to a Junior Strong RoR developer. Applicants should remember that the course is only the tool in their hands, and the level of their technical growth depends on their purposefulness and hard work. After the course applicants will receive Certificates.


  • Will the applicants get job offers?
  • We don’t guarantee that, but we’re expecting new projects on RoR and those who successfully pass the course will be our top candidates.


  • Why is the course worth applying for and what are the advantages of RoR?
  • On the course you’ll master the framework which helps to create and develop projects fast and safely. In fact, you can build an MVP within a few months of work. “RoR is an open-source web framework that is optimized for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity ‘’ – that’s the motto from the framework creators. Ruby is one of the object-oriented programming languages. There’re also many well-known applications and platforms written on RoR: SoundCloud, GitHub, Airbnb, Scribd, Urban Dictionary, Goodreads, Shopify. At the same time, these technologies aren’t the most popular among Ukrainian developers, only 2.2% of them use Ruby. In 2019 there were opened 837 vacancies. Current salary rates can be found on


  • Thank you for the answers. We wish you to enjoy being the speaker of the course and inspire the applicants.

So, if you want to belong to those who know all the ins and outs of Ruby/RoR – apply for our course. Our speaker will be glad to share his knowledge and experience with you.

Grab Your Chance and Shine Bright!