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Our first internal Front-End Academy

Our first internal Front-End Academy has proved successful. We would like to express our gratitude to the Academy speaker,  Mykola Bodnariuk, and all the fifteen trainees for their active participation and the feedback.
“It was a nice idea to start the internal Front-End Academy. It was interesting to learn about certain technical issues from an experienced developer, who came across different Java Script problems on his projects and has a good knowledge of all the details.”

Mila Kucher

“It so nice to know, that there are guys in the company you can learn a lot from. It is very important not only to have a good knowledge of different technologies, but also to be able to share it with the colleagues. I really appreciated well structured course program delivered by Mykola Bodnariuk. And it’s good that some of my course-mates have already had an opportunity to implement the new skills on their projects.”

Roman Sabadash

“The Academy course has helped me to structure and upgrade my knowledge of Front-End technology and skills. The speaker gave us interesting solutions to different tasks based on his own experience. Also the communication with other trainees was quite valuable for me. There were quite a lot of home assignments (with all kind of tricks in them), as well as immense amount of very useful links. I would recommend the course to junior Front-End developers, especially those with no or insufficient experience on the real projects.”

Havryliuk Ihor